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Velux Roof Windows

Velux, Velux Roof Windows, roof windowsWith 90% of our time now being spent indoors, Velux are an innovative brand who recognise the importance of allowing natural, healthy daylight to stream into homes and commercial buildings to boost moods and productivity and make them more inviting places to spend time in.

Today, Velux are an international established, experienced and reliable brand almost synonymous with the term ‘roof windows’. Velux windows not only brighten up a property with natural light but expand views and create a refreshing atmosphere, allowing fresh air to filter into a building.

At DMR Roofing Centre, we are pleased to stock and supply a wide range of roof windows from this prestigious brand.

Benefits include:

  • Secure – Velux roof windows are secure and reliably burglar resistant for the peace of mind of all property owners.
  • Energy-Efficient – As a common standard, roof windows by Velux are double-glazed, reducing heat loss and saving property owners money on heating bills.
  • User-Friendly – Easy to operate, including simple opening and closing mechanisms.
  • Versatile – Velux windows are known for their versatility, opening either inwards, outwards or in both directions and from either the top or bottom so all preferences are satisfied.

Velux Flat Roof Windows

No strangers to creative innovation, Velux have developed a stylish range of flat roof window options. A diverse assortment of window frames is available, whilst Velux windows for flat roofs can now be installed within a roof dome for a seamless and sophisticated modern roof window.

Curved styles of flat roof windows add a contemporary elegance to any home, whilst smoke ventilation systems and exit solutions can be incorporated into a range of Velux windows for improved safety and security.

Visit our roofing merchants Centre in South Yorkshire or contact us to find out more about the Velux roof windows that we stock.