Concrete & Clay Tiles

We stock a wide range of clay tiles in various colours and profiles

We offer an extensive range of concrete and clay roof tiles from reliable and reputable leading industry brands including Marley Eternit, Sandtoft, Redland and Russell.

The roof tiles that we stock reflect contemporary industry trends and the latest innovations. This includes the recently developed thin leading edge concrete tiles, which are ultra-thin and lightweight, contributing to easy installation without risking aesthetic appearance, proving that the material need not be heavy or bulky.

We also stock concrete and clay large format interlocking tiles to give the traditional appearance of a clay plain tile with fewer tiles per square metre for easy installation but still retaining that traditional appearance.

Our large range of clay roof tiles and ridge tiles will suit most roof applications giving a traditional appearance and a quality finish. We stock a wide range of clay tiles in various colours and profiles, contact our expert team for advice and more details.



Why Will Your Roof Benefit from Concrete Tiles?

  • Low Maintenance – Tough and hardwearing, concrete tiles need virtually no maintenance.
  • Longevity – Concrete roof tiles can last up to 50 years, provided they are installed in accordance with good practice and manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Fire-Resistant – This means concrete roof tiles can help reduce the harm that a fire could cause to your property when fitted in conjunction with other fire precautions, such as retardant quilt to the party wall junctions.
  • Versatile – Concrete tiles come in many sizes, colours and profiles to suit virtually all roof styles and pitches; they can be made to look like slate, clay and even wood shingles.
  • Eco-Friendly – Concrete roof tiles are made from natural materials so do not require an environmentally harmful factory production system to make them.

Why will Your Roof Benefit from Clay Tiles?

  • Longevity –Clay tiles can last for over a century when fired at high temperatures during the tile production process.
  • Durable –UV resistant, this natural material requires very little maintenance.
  • Unique Visual Appeal – Available in a range of colours and finishes, these tiles offer a wide choice and can complement all buildings.
  • Easy to Fit – Clay tiles are simple to fit, which is extra helpful when refurbishing a building.
  • Eco-Friendly – Clay roof tiles are recyclable. Alternatively, they can be cost-effectively deposited without causing environmentally damaging pollution.

Marley Eternit

Marley Eternit have an impressive portfolio of roofing products, establishing them as one of the UK’s leading roof systems manufacturers, a reputation they have consistently maintained since the brand was founded in 1902.

The Marley Eternit catalogue includes plain concrete roof tiles that are perfect for classic roof designs, such as dormer windows and a range of attractive modern and traditional interlocking concrete roof tiles.

Marley Eternit offer a wide selection of colours, profiles and textures when it comes to plain and interlocking clay tiles. The fact that all Marley Eternit clay plain tiles achieved a ‘Very Good’ rating from BES6001 – the standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Materials – is a testament to their high sustainability and performance levels.

Sandtoft Roof Tiles

Representing Wienerberger’s roofing business in the UK, Sandtoft provide one of the most diverse varieties of roof tiles in the country. The brand has garnered a reputation for being proactively environmentally-friendly and keen innovators when it comes to roofing design.

Highlights of Sandtoft’s concrete tile range include longer lasting strong colours and consistency, as well as high-quality visual appeal. The natural clay tile range by Sandtoft stands out due to offering inventive designs that make for quicker and easier installation, whilst prioritising affordability.

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