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If you are working on restoring or repairing a roof on a listed or historical building you will benefit from the lead roofing products that we stock, with lead lasting three times longer than alternative materials, being renowned for its durability and long-term cost-effectiveness.

The flexible properties of lead make it an ideal material for sealing the areas of a roof where it joins with brickwork or stone against water ingress, commonly known as lead flashing. This convenient workability means lead is well suited for gutter lining too, ensuring the roofline is completely watertight.

Strong and resilient, lead is corrosion resistant and not affected by pollution and damaging UV rays, further adding to its popularity and usage in heritage roofing projects.

For roofing contractors who are keen to be environmentally-friendly, lead is the perfect roofing material as it is widely recycled, contributing to a more sustainable environment.


Lead products we supply include:

  • Lead Roofing Sheets – Roofing sheets made from lead are ideal for homeowners looking to cover the entire surface of their flat roof with lead giving an attractive, hard wearing traditional appearance.
  • Lead Slates – for outlets through the roof coverings for either gas flues or soil pipes.
  • Lead Bonding Gutters – for a traditional joint between two different roof coverings.
  • Lead Flashing – Lead is well suited for sealing the perimeter of a chimney stack, abutment wall or canopy.

All the milled lead (so named as it is manufactured by passing a slab of lead back and forth on a rolling mill between closing rollers) that we supply complies with the British Standards Institution’s BS EN 12588: 2006 standard.

All our lead roofing sheets come in a variety of lengths and thickness, so you can find the lead sheet that is perfect for your roofing project.

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