roof slates


Slate is a natural product that has been quarried for over 400 years to create striking, attractive and weathertight coverings for roofs. Incredibly long-lasting, roof slates result in classic and stylish, yet distinctive finishes for any building.

Natural Welsh Slate

Welsh Slate is guaranteed to last for over 100 years. Being waterproof, acid, alkali and chemical resistant, unchanged by extreme temperatures and non-fading even in UV light, make Welsh Slate the first choice for many. Thanks to the material’s density and the geological formation found at its source location in Wales, Welsh Slate boasts unique levels of durability.

Welsh slate does not just excel practically but aesthetically too, making it the perfect mix of functionality and attractive appearance. Slate quarried in Wales is of such high quality that it has often been used and is highly recommended for heritage roofing projects.

Fibre Cement Slates

The fibre reinforcement in Fibre Cement Slates adds to the already high level of strength of the long-lasting man-made material. Favoured in roofing applications for its durability, Fibre Cement Slates can have a life expectancy of up to 60 years depending on the manufacturer.

Due to the structure and workability of Fibre Cement Roof Slates, slates made from fibre cement can be cut with hand tools, for example a scribing tool or guillotine, whereas other materials require wet cutting. Fibre Cement Slates are also lightweight and therefore a cost-effective alternative to natural slates.

Natural Spanish Slate

Spanish Slate is a popular choice for many people due to its unique colour and character that enable it to add warmth and sophisticated style to commercial and domestic properties alike. Not just succeeding in the appearance department, Spanish Slate is widely-respected among roofing contractors for its strength and durability. Natural Spanish Slate is also very cost effective, giving a natural quality appearance at an affordable price point.

Second-Hand and Clay, Slate and Stone

If you are interested in Reclaimed (second-hand) Clay, Slate or Stone, these products are available at our sister company Elland Roofing Supplies.

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