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Roofline Products

The roofline is the part of a roof that is made up of guttering, fascia board and a soffit board, which all play a vital role in keeping a roof dry, carrying rainwater to the entrance of a downpipe and away from the roof. The roofline also makes a roof look more attractive, framing the rooftop.

The fascia board is the long board located beneath a roof’s lower edge and usually supports the gutter and bottom edge of the lowest row of roof tiles. A fascia board also seals the roof and a structure’s interior from rain and harsh conditions and is more visually appealing than exposed rafters.

A soffit board is a part of a roof that is located under the fascia board and overhangs the roof adjacent to the wall of a structure, allowing it to be the most visible board of the roof from street level. The soffit can also be vented, providing a cost-effective and discreet method of obtaining airflow at low level into a roof space.

We stock modern waterproof and durable gutters, uPVC soffits and fascias and wooden soffits, which are often the preferred style to complement rustic or period architecture.

Bonding Gutters

Bonding Gutters are used for weatherproofing an intersection between two different roof coverings. The most common occasion when a bonding gutter is required is when an old roof is being replaced on a terraced or semi-detached house and the joint between the neighbours’ roof and the new roof being installed needs to be sealed.

A junction between two different roof coverings can be sealed by fitting a gutter made from either lead or a manufactured, pre-formed product, between the two different surfaces.

Keen to offer lots of options, we offer both wet and dry fix bonding gutters, which are both easy to fix, effective and discreet when joining two different roof coverings on adjacent properties.

GRP Valleys

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester and provides a tough and lightweight alternative to lead [link to Lead and Associated Products page] and zinc valleys. Easy to install and cost-effective, it is the job of the GRP Valley trough to discharge rainwater running down the inclined valley of a roof safely into the gutters.

We are proud to supply a range of GRP Valley Troughs for all your GRP roofing needs, offering unrivalled rainwater protection to any roof.

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