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Breathable Membranes

A breathable membrane goes under the material that covers a roof, such as the slates or roof tiles, and acts as a second line of defence, where the external cladding of a roof may not be completely watertight. When installed on the cold side of the insulation, the roof membrane prevents moisture, plus wind and contaminants like dust that may have made it through the external cladding, from getting further into the building.

It is essential that all pitched roofs have a waterproof but breathable membrane (also known as breathable roofing felt) as the ‘breathable’ element allows the structure to be ventilated, avoiding damaging condensation and mould building up within the property. Breathable membranes ensure that any moisture that has formed on the outer face of the membrane can drain to the outside of the structure, whilst improving the thermal efficiency of a building’s exterior layers.

Resistant to UV damage and wear and tear, we are proud to stock a comprehensive selection of waterproof, reliable breathable membranes, which boast exceptional adhesive qualities, providing enduring weather-proof protection against damp and condensation for all the domestic and commercial projects you are working on.

Pour and Roll On Felts

Roofing felt, also known as ‘tar paper’, protects a building from the weather while roofing works are being carried out. Roofing felt also acts as a moisture barrier, catching any moisture in the air that rises through a property and reaches the roof when it condenses underneath the roof shingles.

DMR Roofing Centre supply roofing felt in both pour and roll on applications from leading manufacturers to cater for all flat and pitched roofing projects.

Felt adhesive, Roofing Felt

Bitumen Roofing Felt Solutions

Comprising of a mixture of organic liquids that are highly adhesive and waterproof, bitumen, otherwise known as asphalt, is a material ideal for all refurbishment and new build flat roof projects. Suited to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, timber and metal decking, the bitumen roofing felts we provide are flexible, long-lasting and reliably moisture resistant.

Torch on Felts

Torch on Felt involves using heat to stick modified bitumen to layers of fibreglass when working on a flat roof. Benefits of the Torch on Felt products that we carry at DMR Roofing Centre include contributing to the prevention of moisture build-up in the structure that you are working on, being quick to apply, high-performing and extremely low maintenance.

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