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Roof insulation is a necessary part of modern day living, helping property owners reduce heat loss and save on heating bills. DMR Roofing Centre offer a wide variety of roof and loft insulation solutions for tradespeople working on commercial and domestic projects and homeowners experienced in DIY looking to upgrade the current insulation levels of their home.

Loft Insulation

Keeping a loft insulated ensures a property is energy-efficient and at a warmer, more comfortable temperature. We offer a variety of cost-effective, long-lasting loft insulation options from leading brands, suitable for insulating lofts of all shapes and dimensions and carry high-quality rolls at different lengths and widths to suit your unique project.

If you are a homeowner insulating your loft yourself, please note that it is recommended to seek professional advice before fitting insulation to your loft if you see any damp or condensation in your roof space.

Insulation will make your attic cooler as it prevents warmth escaping living spaces, so could worsen existing damp or condensation problems. If you are adding new insulation to your loft, you may need to increase ventilation to help reduce moisture in your loft space.

You can view our Ventilation Products here.

Foil Insulation

For extra thermal protection for your project or home and to guarantee that your property or project complies with Building Regulations, DMR Roofing Centre stock a series of Foil Insulation solutions that make insulating a roof an easy and seamless process.

Foil roof insulation is often chosen for its flexibility, fitting effortlessly between roof timbers with the exterior metallised layer reflecting heat, whilst the inner layers enable an air and moisture tight insulation solution.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Roof Insulation

If you prefer a greener alternative when it comes to Loft Insulation, we also supply multi-purpose British Sheep Wool Insulation, in either rolls or slabs, that delivers high-quality long-lasting results.

Other sustainable options available from DMR Roofing Centre are natural insulation rolls made from fine plant fibres.

Insulation Boards

Ideal for all pitched and flat roof projects, the high standard rigid thermal insulation boards that we supply come in a variety of thickness and sizes to suit all purposes and offer great value for money.

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